How Frequently Must You Update Social Media Profiles?

Social media accounts are useful for marketing purposes. However, if you update too often or send out too many of the same messages, you can end up losing followers. How much is too much and what can you do to avoid annoying people?

When you want to share an update with people on social networking websites, you need to ask yourself if you’ve already posted in the last few hours. If so, then you cannot post the same message, because then it looks like spam a lot of the time. When you just have to share something because you have a great deal to offer or anything you want to say, you should always stick with at least waiting an hour or two and never repeat yourself twice in a day. Eventually, you can learn when the best times to post are so that you can always just update everyone at those times. You can use automated social media reporting & scheduling tools to post all the media at a targeted time.

The social networking sites may not sort results for people in a way that makes your posts easy to see all the time. That is why sometimes it can be tough to get your marketing out in front of people. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to start posting a lot more so that you can show up when you are posting. If they don’t see you much, then they need to visit more often if you want your profile to become famous on their feeds. Having a contest or some deal to offer may just be what it takes to get them interested in your page again.

Now it should be a little more clear what you can do to avoid spamming your followers. Even if you mean well and want to share deals, it doesn’t make sense to post all the time if it annoys the people that are subscribed to your profile.

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